(i am making this article because i came looking and couldn't find it :D)

[1.0] [from well to machine]

the basics of oil is that using an engine (redstone, steam, combustion <and with the technic pack: biofuel, peat, and electric>)


once a pump is active and extractng oil froma a pool or a geyser, it must be pumped with waterproof transport pipes to a tank, where it is stored for further use.


once in a tank, the oil must be pumped out (the tank serves as a buffer) with a wooden waterproof pipe this pipe (when powered with a redstone or better engine) will extract the liquid and pump it through the pipes down the line


the liquid must then be piped to a refinery that must be powered by a steam engine or above, from there the refinery will begin to reciprocate the bars on the side of the block signifying that it is refining your precious black gold into a golden liquid


'the oil will then be converted to fuel at a rate that (as far as i can tell) seems like 3:1, from there it must be pumped' into a tank then bucketed out and used in many different types of machines